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lilla fabbes
suljettu / stängt / closed

8 march - 28 march

fabbes café is open mon,wed,fri for take away orders (see more below)

Fabbes Café is selling take away food as follows:

week 10:

mon 8 March 10 am - 5 pm

smoked salmon soup 10€/liter, 18€/2 liter

Cheddar vegetable gratin 12€/kg, 20€/2 kg oven form

wed 10 march 10 am - 5 pm

beef lasagna 12 €/kg, 20 €/2 kg oven form

Vegetarian lasagna 12€/kg, 20€/2 kg oven form

fri 12 march 10 am - 5 pm

meat loaf + mashed potatos (L,G) 7€/portion or 20€ oven form for 4 persons

tofu tikka masala with rice (V,G) 7€/portion or 20€ oven form for 4 persons


For the pickup dates above, you can also order bread buns (6pc 5€) and cinnamon buns (6pc 10€)

We kindly ask you to place your order per e-mail to at least 36h before pickup, thank you ❤

tehtaankatu 6

fabbes café

The cutest café in Turku since 2012.

Lunch list

lilla fabbes – piispankatu 14

lilla fabbes' delicious gluten free vegan snickers cake

to the recipe (in swedish)

fabbes café


Fabbes is opening another café at Piispankatu!

New at Fabbes'

are you interested in fighting food waste?

Late lunch 4 €
Mon-Thu 4 pm
Fri 3 pm
.. if there is food left!

only at Tehtaankatu!



Hi there artists! You can arrange exhibitions at Fabbes!


support your local business

what we offer


porridge, scrambled eggs, bread with filling options, jam, juice, coffee/tea.


includes a fresh salad, freshly baked bread, coffee/tea.


delicious cakes, pies, sandwiches and every now and then also grilled sandwiches.

drinks and more

delicious hot and cold drinks, yoghurt meals and ice cream.

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